Membership in VBN has its benefits:

•  Weekly Breakfast Meetings

VBN holds weekly breakfast meetings where members volunteer to present topics based on workbooks, and reference and study materials. We then discuss common problems, inform the group about our businesses and provide information of general interest.

•  Exclusive Business Networking

VBN membership is limited to avoid conflicts between member's businesses. When you join, you are assured that no other similar business now or in the future can become a member and compete with you within the organization. All membership applications are reviewed for potential conflicts.

•  Business Referrals

VBN members are encouraged to actively promote each other's businesses through their own business contacts. Our members are also encouraged to share their personal business experiences, tips and ideas for the benefit of all members.

•  Workbooks and Study Material

Members are given a workbook containing VBN Policies, Meeting and Education Schedules, Membership Profiles and Member Contact information.

Members also receive study material based on books, which we use as a basis for weekly presentations and discussion.

•  Membership Business Tips & Advice

At VBN, membership is all about learning. We meet once per week to exchange ideas, discuss business related topics and share business experiences.

•  Business Cards and Profiles Displayed at all Meetings

Your business cards and print media will be on display at all network meetings. This helps members become familiar with your business and provides the opportunity for members to pass on your print media to their peers.

•  Listing and Membership Profile on the VBN Web site

All members are listed on this website and have the opportunity to provide a profile that will be included on the members page.